“Electronic vehicle health check amber follow up is an essential element of our service business which easily gets overlooked. Initially we relied on our own service team to contact customers and soon found they couldn’t keep on top of this with the demands of a modern service retail environment.

We decided to outsource our follow up calls to BTC. Since day one BTC have performed consistently and produced sales beyond our expectations. BTC provided a low cost effective solution which requires little management intervention. The return on investment is very pleasing”. Julian Bawdon

Service Director, Baylis Motor Group

“I’m really pleased with the telephone research BTC carried out with our lost sales customers. Not only was the feedback on the customer experience invaluable, it highlighted areas for improvement in our sales process. I can strongly recommend BTC.” Clive Mitchell

Head of Business, Guy Salmon – Northampton

“I’ve been very impressed with autoVHC since it was installed in our dealership. Our service customers really appreciate the print out we can now provide, which details the necessary remedial work & associated charges. autoVHC has proven to be a very worthwhile & welcome addition in our Dealership” Tara Bradley

After Sales Director, Bradley Motor Works Ltd - Galway

“Citroën UK asked BTC to help turn its aftersales departments into sales departments in October 2010. It was the expansion of a partnership that had started around two years ago when BTC first introduced autoVHC to the Citroën dealer network.

“BTC appointed two dedicated consultants to work with a group of around 100 dealers. The programme is still ongoing, and it involves a series of five hands-on consultancy visits to each participating dealership – showing service managers how to become sales managers and service advisers to become sales advisers.

“By taking best practices and process from retail car sales and applying them to aftersales, the dealers have achieved some tremendous results. With a pro-active approach to selling service now becoming part of the dealerships’ culture, there is every reason to believe the improvements can be sustained.”

Citroen UK

More than 140 Peugeot dealers use autoVHC and it has had a positive effect on their business. Since launching the programme three years ago, the ‘retail hours sold’ performance of the dealers who are on it has been better than those who are not.

“autoVHC has supported our dealers in a difficult time for the industry. With vehicle parcs diminishing, it has become more important than ever to increase average customer invoice value, and autoVHC has given us a robust process for identifying additional work on our customers’ vehicles.

“We see it as part of our duty of care, and market it to our customers as such. When they come into a Peugeot dealership, they will get a free vehicle healthcheck and can be confident their car is being properly looked after. It is adding value for the customer, while at the same time driving revenue and profitability in the network.”

Peugeot UK

“autoVHC is a minimum standard in each of our dealerships. It looks very professional to the customer, adds value, and is easy for our staff to use. Now they say they couldn’t go back to using a paper system.

“It is proving an excellent sales tool and in the three years we have been using it our upsell per vehicle has increased. We also have access to key performance information that we didn’t have before.

“One thing that has worked well for us is our group league tables, which show the amount of work each technician and service adviser has identified or sold across our six sites. We give a prize to the top performers at the end of the year – for instance a flat screen TV, i-pod or a racing day out – and it has created a bit of competition which helps to raise our upsell figures.” Dave Morphy

Aftersales Manager, D J Cox Motor Group

“autoVHC has been a phenomenal success in Ireland. We’re in a very deep recession in Ireland at the moment, and dealers simply won’t invest in new projects unless they can see a real return on the money they spend. But already more than 100 dealerships are using it, including the Ford dealer network, and the vast majority have adapted to it very well. “They like the structure it puts in place, and the way it improves communications within the dealership. For instance, every time a technician completes a healthcheck the service and parts area is automatically notified.”

“For the most part, Irish dealers using autoVHC have increased their parts and labour sales significantly.”