Choosing the right sales lead management system

Choosing the right sales lead management system

In addition to staff training and dealer events investing in an effective lead management system is, for many dealers, fast becoming a way of safeguarding against poor performance.

As revealed by our research, all too often dealers have gaps in their sales processes, with sales teams faltering in crucial areas such as part-exchange appraisal and customer enquiry follow-up. Sales lead management systems however can help to drive processes and structure within the showroom, ensuring these shortcuts and opportunity leaks are eliminated.

As is the case with eVHC software in aftersales, it’s important that dealers choose the right type of solution. There are many options available on the market, each with their own USP, but to maximise ROI, we recommend looking for systems with the following core features:


Mobile capabilities
Lead management software that enables dealers to mobilise the sales process can be incredibly beneficial in boosting overall performance. Often, one of the biggest challenges for car dealers is getting customers to sit down at the formal setting of a desk in a showroom. Solutions such as the enquiryMAX iOS app however, allow sales teams to make use of tablet devices both in the showroom and out on the forecourt. This brings an added dimension of flexibility and informality to the sales process, allowing enquiries to proceed in a way most suited to the customer, whether that’s by starting out on the forecourt with a part-exchange appraisal or browsing the new vehicles available.

Another advantage of systems with mobile capability is ‘on the spot’ data access. Information relating to vehicle stock, product video presentations and supporting point-of-sale material can be retrieved ‘in situ’, helping to deliver a better experience for the customer.
Enhanced appraisal functionality
Back in September 2016, a lost sales analysis carried out by BTC revealed that despite 58% of lost customers expressing an interest in a part-exchange deal, only 32% had their vehicle valued. Whether this is an act of lethargy on behalf of the dealer remains a moot point. Opting for lead management software with an inbuilt appraisal feature may go some way towards ensuring that this vital stage is not left out of the sales process.

Where possible, dealers should look for systems which also feature imaging capabilities as part of the appraisal to enable sales executives to capture photographic evidence of any damage to a vehicle being offered as a part-exchange. This allows for a professional and sensitive devaluing process, ensuring customers’ expectations are managed appropriately.


Effective enquiry follow-up
A lack of follow-up calls is one of the key failings of the sales process – one theory behind the lack of engagement is that dealerships are ploughing their efforts into the quick sale. If this isn’t achieved, customers may be written off (though not necessarily marked) as lost. Consequently, many dealers have a wealth of untapped prospects just lingering in their data systems. It’s important that sales teams recognise dormant records as leads and do more to harvest them; not least setting up and carrying out a follow up call.

When investing in lead management software, it’s beneficial to choose a solution with strong planning properties that will encourage follow-up calls as best practice. A powerful calendar can help to organise a sales team’s daily, weekly and monthly activities, ensuring re-engagement appointments are incorporated. With many sales lead management systems, all calendar entries can be carefully monitored and follow-ups must be scheduled and recorded against the customer contact. SMS reminders are even sent to salespeople to ensure follow-up completion.

Ultimately, any chosen solution must achieve sale team acceptance if it is to succeed. Features such as bespoke development capabilities and intuitive usability are key here,  helping to add real value and benefit to the sales process without complication.