BTC exports sales training to Egyptian Mercedes-Benz dealerships

BTC exports sales training to Egyptian Mercedes-Benz dealerships

Automotive consultancy BTC has helped to export UK sales processes and standards to Egyptian Mercedes-Benz dealership group NATCO.

The group, which has four dealers sites in and around Cairo, one in Alexandria and one in Hurghada, has developed senior management strategy, working practices, controls and measurements for both its new and used car sales operations following an intensive programme conducted by BTC.

The programme, which was delivered throughout April and May this year, focused on the latest standards in UK franchised dealerships in a bid to improve customer handling skills, selling confidence and boost profitability.

NATCO Sales Director Ihab Negm said: “The UK leads the way when it comes to sales process creation and management and we wanted to replicate this culture in our showrooms.

“In the Egyptian market, we are heavily reliant upon new car sales. However, we wanted to develop a robust used car program too, in order to teach our entire team, from managers to sales executives, how to appraise, price and confidently present deals to our customers.

“BTC’s programme will help us to boost used car sales performance and add-on sales in our showrooms and we’re now confident that our processes are among the best in the region.”

NATCO’s sales force and management team, which consists of a total of 50 staff, were coached in a series of classroom and showroom sessions.

BTC Chief Executive Guy Allman said: “It’s great to be able to export our training programmes to the Middle East again having worked with the likes of Al Futtaim, Al Zayani, Gargash Motors and the Arabian Motor Group in recent years.

“NATCO are an exceptionally strong dealership group and we are sure we’ll see them go from strength to strength as they continue to develop their business practices.

“While it’s pleasing to see the standards of UK dealerships are regarded so highly overseas, it also shows that quality customer service and defined sales processes have a role to play in automotive markets across the world.”